Mountain runs have significant elevation gain and most often take place on trails.

The mountains: For runners, it brings to mind beautiful scenery, cool summer temperatures, an escape from the pavement and the allure of magical fitness benefits. For many, it also brings a lot of apprehension about the hills!

Mountain Running Tours. Photo: MON.
Photo: MON.

If your heart rate shoots up every time you hit a hill, leaving you gasping for air and feeling lightheaded, then it’s time to try to take it easier uphill, maybe walking some sections and running the downhill parts.

Some of the tours we offer in the mountains are point to point tours, where you run between overnight accommodation with your luggage transported, while others offer spectacular and varied running from a fixed base.

Heading to the hills rewards a runner with a sense of adventure, the fun of running in varied terrain, and of course some world-class views.