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Like the great majority of websites, this website uses cookies. However, you can manage how cookies are stored on your computer. Please see “What do I do if I don’t want cookies?” below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website. They can be used by websites for many different purposes, such as remembering your login details when you visit again or remembering the contents of your shopping cart when you buy a product online.

We don’t use cookies of this kind, but we do use the following:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Like millions of websites around the world, Running Travels uses Google Analytics to give us information about traffic to our website. Examples of the kind of information Google Analytics tells us include what phrases or words someone typed when searching for our site, what pages they visited and how long they spent looking at each page. This information helps us to understand what our customers are looking for so that we can design our website and structure our information to help them find it more easily.

Running Travels uses only the basic form of Google Analytics. We do not collect any personal information – in addition, we use the AnonymizeIP tag to further anonymise data. No sensitive or personal information is passed to us through Google Analytics, but we might for example receive information about the general area you are browsing from (e.g. London) or the browser you are using to look at our site (e.g. Chrome).

We do also use Google Remarketing tags, which recognise that you have visited our website and through which you may subsequently see displays ads for Running Travels when browsing the web.


To improve the experience of visiting our site, we use plugins from other websites in certain parts of the site. These are:

  • YouTube/Vimeo/Instagram: To display videos of our experiences.

What do I do if don’t want cookies?

Change your browser settings:

You will normally find an option in your browser settings to disable cookies and/or remove any that have already been set. This will usually be under the “Tools” or “Options” menu. For example, in Chrome, it’s under Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Content Settings. If you use Microsoft Edge, you’ll find it under Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy and Services. In Mozilla Firefox, it’s under Tools > Options > Privacy.

Control how individual services use cookies: