How do I make a booking? How and when do I pay?

A Running Travels adventure is not a “click-to-book” product. We want you to be sure you’ve chosen the best experience for you, so we’ll be talking to you as part of the booking process.

When you’ve decided on your preferred tour, dates and the number of persons, let us know and (provided there’s still space!) we’ll make a reservation for you and let you know what to do next.

You then have 4 days to send us your booking form and deposit or full payment. If you’re booking more than 60 days before your tour starts, we ask for a deposit of 10% of the total cost. If less than 60 days, it’s full payment at time of booking.

You can pay by bank transfer or card and in either GBP or Euros, whichever you prefer. On your booking form, you’ll let us know how you would like to pay and we’ll send you the details.

Dietary/health Requirements: I’m vegetarian/need gluten-free diet/have allergies. Is that OK?

Absolutely. In most cases, it’s no problem to accommodate common dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten/lactose-free or common allergies. Vegan diets can present a greater challenge but in most cases are also possible.

For some tours, where availability of suitable foods locally may be limited, it may on rare occasions be necessary to ask you to bring some of your own provisions to supplement what’s available locally, but if this is the case we will give you full information in advance. When you book, please give detailed information on any dietary needs so that we can make the best arrangements for you.

If you have an allergy, please provide detailed information on the severity/extent of your allergy as well as any medication, epi-pen, etc, you may carry.

Do you arrange flights? Are flights included?

No, we don’t book flights or other domestic travel for you and these are not included in the price of your tour.

But we will certainly give you all the information to make these arrangements yourself, including detailed guidance on how to book public transport in the destination country. If you have any questions at all, we’re always happy to help.

Once we know your dates, we can also give you a suggested travel plan if you like, which will outline exactly how to travel to and from your tour. You’ll be able to use public transport to travel to all the tours we offer, and we’ll show you how to book any necessary trains or buses to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Do I need travel insurance?

You definitely need medical insurance to cover you in the event of any injury or accident during your tour. Before you travel, we’ll ask that you provide us with details of your cover. If you’re travelling to a European destination, reciprocal health arrangements can of course mean that you’re entitled to medical treatment (though not that these arrangements may be impacted by Brexit – always check latest information before travelling), but this isn’t a substitute for insurance and won’t cover the cost of a helicopter airlifting you from a mountain if you twist an ankle!

We also highly recommend that you have general travel insurance to cover eventualities such as flight problems, lost luggage, or if you have to cancel your trip due to circumstances which would be covered by travel insurance.

Do your tours have a single supplement?

Maybe. Depending on the tour and the accommodation used, a single supplement may apply for solo occupancy. This will be clearly stated, where applicable, under “Prices” on each tour page. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or are unclear of the options. If you’re travelling with a friend, you can of course choose to share a room to reduce the cost.

What clothing/equipment will I need to bring? Will I get a packing list?

What you’ll need in terms of clothing, running shoes, etc, will depend on the tour – the destination, terrain and time of year you’re travelling. We’ll send you a detailed packing list for your particular tour as part of your booking documentation, telling you everything you need to bring. There won’t be any specialist equipment required – shoes, clothes, and perhaps some hiking poles!

What kind of running shoes do I need?

This will depend on the tour you have chosen and the terrain you’ll be running on – detailed information on what to bring will be given in your packing list. For example, trail running tours you might need trail shoes (specially designed shoes that have aggressively knobby soles that are generally more rigid than road running shoe).

For any trip, we also recommend you bring more than one set of shoes for comfort and flexibility.

How much training should I do before the trip?

This will of course depend on your level of fitness and the tour you have booked. We always recommend getting in the best shape possible before your trip to allow you to enjoy the experience to the full – it’s always nicer to find things a bit easier than you expected rather than harder!

It is important to practise running using the pack you are planning to use and carrying what you would be intending take with you on the tour days (water, lunch, spare clothing, etc).

See information about the challenge level and itinerary on each tour page and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about whether a particular tour is appropriate for – we’re here to help you decide and make sure you choose the most suitable option!

How should I pace myself on a self-guided trip?

Your Running Travels holiday is not a race. Pushing yourself too fast on the first couple of days should be avoided. Take your time to ease yourself into the experience.

Each day you should set off at a slow pace and over the first couple of km slowly increase your pace up to your comfortable speed.

Likewise, ease your pace as you near the end of each day. Use the last kilomtres to slow down gradually and finish at near walking pace – save some energy for the next day’s running!

Do I need to bring hiking poles?

For tours in mountain terrain, hiking poles may be a good idea on some days! We’ll mention this in the packing list for your tour if this is relevant for your trip.

How do I find water and manage my hydration?

You should bring drinks with you while running. Drinks can be carried in bottles (please use re-usable bottles only, not single use plastic bottles) or a Camelback system or similar.

In less isolated locations, you may be able to plan to pick up drinks at shops or cafes along the way. If you’re on a guided run, your guide can help you with this. On a self-guided itinerary, just ask a local! They should be able to help you.

But we always recommend checking with your guide or with the locals before beginning your day’s run whether you can be sure to find opportunities to refill during the day – if not, bring enough fluids with you from the start.

In some locations, it may be fine to drink water from rivers and streams untreated. Please always ask your guide before doing so.

If you’re travelling to a destination where the tap water or water from wild water sources along the route is not drinkable, we recommend bringing a small water filtration unit to purify water before drinking. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is one option that the Running Travels team have used personally and found to be very portable and effective, but other options are also available.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking or or part of my booking?

Please see our Booking Conditions for information on cancellation policy and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We will always do our best to be as flexible as possible if it’s necessary to amend your booking, but cancellation charges will normally apply if you’re not able to travel.

Do I need to bring local currency?

Depending on the trip, some local currency might be useful to have with you, but this can always be arranged locally with an ATM withdrawal, etc, rather than needing to arrange currency in advance. Information on this relating to your particular tour will be given in your booking documentation.